Smells That Dogs Hate?


There are only a few smells that dogs hate or appear to dislike. Dogs dislike the smell of vinegar and rubbing alcohol which can often be sprayed on items to keep dogs at by. Some dogs also dislike the smell of citrus such as orange an lemon.
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The smells that dogs hate depends largely on the dog. Like people different dogs like and dislike different things. A lot of dogs don't like the smell of bitter apple, ammonia, or
Dogs like most smells; they shy away from smells that they perceive as dangerous or unnatural (e.g. alcohol, solvents, etc. and. most. dogs will shy away from the smell of their.
1. Examine your dog to see what may be causing excessive odor. Begin with regular baths for your pet. A weekly bath may be enough for some dogs, especially those kept indoors. Outdoor
yes, yes it can. my dog hates the smell of hairspray, he runs away and hide inder the bed. and ail polish remover, man he hates that, he will show his tees\th and sneeze and snort
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