Smells That Turn Women on?


There are various smells that may turn a woman on. Cologne is one such smell and some favorites of women include Aqua di Gio and Calvin Klein's Eternity. Calvin Klein's Escape is another popular cologne, as is Axe, which reminds many women of chocolate. Some women also like the smell of beer breath on a man, but this may be an acquired taste. Others may get turned on by the smell of someone cooking her a romantic dinner.
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A pleasant flowery odour but strong enough to stimulate the sense. I like vanilla, lavender but not jasmine.
The scent of cucumbers and Good & Plenty candy have been noted as a turn on for women. For men, it's
Studies show that the smell of Good N' Plentys and cucumbers increase female arousal. Weird huh?
1. Dress and groom yourself well. Women love a guy that can throw together a nice outfit with coordinating shoes, and who takes the time to style his hair and shave his face. 2. Approach
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There is no one particular smell that turns women on the most. Each woman has her own individual taste and what one woman might like, another may not. However, ...
Some of the scents that turn women on will depend on the individual woman. Vanilla and cinnamon are 2 of the scents that are said to turn many women on. ...
For a woman, all her bones stop growing by the time she turns 19 or 20. At the age of 18, most women will have fully developed and will not grow any larger. ...
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