Smelly Periods?


It is very common for a period to give off a foul odor, as this is a party of the body that is being released each month. However, some months a period can be especially smelly and can be due to infection or even poor hygiene. One can put powder in the area to absorb moisture and also absorb some of the odor from the period. Feminine sprays can also mask the odor. However, if smelly periods continue, then a visit to the gynecologist may be in order.
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becuz some bitchs dnt wash there vagina.
Period blood smells bad because it is decomposed cells shedding from your uterine walls. Basically, it's
It's blood. Some of it is old. Old blood smells.
Well not ALL women smell, that's really offensive and yes its the hygiene which I think women take care of mostly and if someone is unable to then I am sure they might have reasons
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