How to Make Smiley Faces or Pictures with a Keyboard?


Smiley face pictures are funny weird images created from ASCI character. To make the pictures by using keyboard, hold down the FN and ALT key as well as button 'J', and press Key 'K' to make or choose different type of smiley faces.
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1. Make the eyes. Some characters used for eyes include " for regular eyes, " for elongated eyes, and " for a wink. You can also try " which could represent drunken
Four raisins playing jumprope.
1. Draw 2 dots. These will be the eyes of the smiley face. Ad. 2. To draw the mouth, make a curved line that looks like a letter "U" 3. Draw a circle around your the dots
Do you mean this one ':-x' This is a symbol for a
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The procedure of making a smiley face with the tongue sticking out on Facebook is to use :-P. A colon, dash, and a capital letter P are used. Use a variety of ...
The wink smiley face is often a way of expressing that you are sharing a secret with someone. It can also be a reference to liking someone. ...
The Nirvana smiley face logo is an image of a smiling face with two X symbols for eyes and a tongue sticking out of the right side of the mouth. The logo is usually ...
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