Smirnoff Alcohol Content?


There are several types of Smirnoff alcohol. These include vodka, flavored vodka and malt beverages. The alcohol content of Smirnoff vodka is 35% to 50% by volume.
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Smirnoff 100 distilled spirits is 50% alcohol!
The alcohol content of SMIRNOFF ICE(r) is 5.0% by volume - the same as most
Actually, Smirnoff Red Label is 37.5% alcohol (75 proof). Smirnoff Blue Label and Smirnoff Silver Label are both 50% alcohol (100 proof).
The alcohol content of most of the beers would be from 4 to 6 percent alcohol. Most of the beers have the same level of alcohol, but some of them do have a larger amount of alcohol.
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The alcohol content of Smirnoff ice is 5.5 %. Although it issued by the largest vodka brand in the world, it should not be confused with vodka which contains more ...
Smirnoff Ice Triple Black is a flavored malt beverage. The information provided on the label states that this drink has an alcohol content of 5%. This value is ...
The Smirnoff which is distributed in the United States contains 5% alcohol. The Smirnoff referred to as Triple Black and is distributed in Canada and contains ...
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