Smoke Coming from under Hood of Car?


When smoke comes out from under the hood of the car, one should shut the ignition off immediately. This is one of the top signs of troubles with an engine and if the engine is not stopped, the smoke can destroy the engine completely. White smoke coming from under the hood can also indicate a problem with the anitfreeze and cooling system. Meanwhile, blue smoke coming out of the hood can indiate that oil is escaping from the fuel line.
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Most likely a valve cover gasket is leaking or exhaust manifolds bolts are loose. one burning oil on hot surface or just smoke from exhaust.
1. Drive your car for 20 minutes, then park. Identify the hottest parts of your car, such as the exhaust manifold; use your owner's manual or the car shop manual if you need the names
1. Make sure engine is NOT HOT. Ad. 2. Locate your coil pack/distributor/alternator/ air cleaner. These are things you do not want to get too wet. Wet meaning drenched.a hose over
Does it smell like anti-freeze burning? If so, the coolant is most
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