Is smoking while breastfeeding safe?


Smoking while breastfeeding is not recommended. Nicotine can get into breast milk, but the breast milk itself can provide protection from the nicotine. Also, a woman who smokes while she breastfeeds may have a smaller milk supply for her baby, meaning the smoking causes her body to not produce milk fast enough or in high quantities. Babies of smoking and breastfeeding moms also seem to want to wean sooner than babies drinking milk from non-smoking moms.
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Smoking while breastfeeding is just as bad as smoking while
1. Wait until nursing has been established for at least 2 months and your milk production is reliable for your little one. 2. Start slowly eliminating highly processed foods from
1 Maintain a well-balanced diet while breastfeeding without worrying about counting calories. Eating plenty of healthy food will ensure your body has all the nutrients and energy
i quit smoking when i found out i was pregnant. i started smoking a cigarette here and there when my baby was about a month old. know im smoking 2-5 cigarettes a day. i know its .
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