Smoking Your First Cigarette?


Smoking your first cigarette is not at all what you might think it will be like. Some people start smoking because their parents do, some because of peer pressure, and some because they are curious. As soon as you inhale your first cigarette you are taking in toxins that your body is not used to. You not only can't stop coughing up smoke but you feel very dizzy and off balance. Although your first experience is not fun at all, cigarettes are so addictive that you take another hit.
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To smoke a cigarette place one end in the mouth and suck, or inhale, while lighting the other end. Now that it is burning, you can inhale as desired until all that is left is a 'butt
1. Open your pack and pull out a cigarette. 2. Note of the difference between the two ends of your cigarette. One side has a filter, and the other side has tobacco visible. 3. Hold
The smell of stale cigarette smoke is horrible and gross! Some tips on getting rid of the smell would be to use white vinegar, shampoo your carpets, even baking soda. It also helps
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