Smooth Call Center Operations?

Our call center has hit some IT bumps lately. This obviously hurts sales. What can a call center manager do too ensure smooth call center operations?


Kenan Bektas (Director, DB Streams, Inc.)
A manager always needs have a good overview of pretty much everything in business. In other words, control of day-to-day operations.
Also, a robust IT infrastructure. I can definitely provide you with a free consultation on that. Feel free to email me at info at
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Steve Davidson (Process/workflow consultant, Steve Davidson Consulting)
Flexibility, scalability, and backup plans. If you have DR procedures, apply them to the call center. What should you do if this or that system slows down or fails completely? What can you fall back on? What resources can you call upon to mitigate it? How fast can you get those resources in place? Do you have agreements with other areas of the organization to co-opt some of their staff into a virtual call center for a certain number of hours or days should it become necessary? Is the agreement reciprocal, so they can call on call center resources in slow periods? Or is it perhaps funded at a higher level, so the other teams get paid inconvenience bonuses out of the call center or emergency funds?
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