Snaggletooth Cartoon Character?


The cartoon that snaggletooth is from is Quick Draw McGraw. Snaggletooth is actually known as Snagglepuss who was a pink lion. The cartoon was produce by Hanna- Barbera.
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Snagglepuss, also known as "Snaggletooth" was actually a pink lion precursor, a Hanna-Barbera cartoon character.It 1st appeared in The Quick Draw McGraw Show. report this
Snaggletooth is the Orange Lion from the cartoon, The Party Lion, created by
1. Ask a basic question: What kind of character do I want? Once you've made that choice-whether it's a superhero, for instance, or a talking sarcastic cat-it's time to determine your
1. First, you'll need to make up your character. Give it some personality, unique hobbies and a splodge of humor. (Backing characters in cartoons aren't always funny, but the main
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