What is the snaggletooth cartoon character?


The cartoon that snaggletooth is from is Quick Draw McGraw. Snaggletooth is actually known as Snagglepuss who was a pink lion. The cartoon was produce by Hanna- Barbera.
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Snagglepuss, also known as "Snaggletooth" was actually a pink lion precursor, a Hanna-Barbera cartoon character.It 1st appeared in The Quick Draw McGraw Show. report this
Snaggletooth is the Orange Lion from the cartoon, The Party Lion, created by
1. Begin with pencil, and quickly and loosely sketch basic shapes forming the character's figure. Break down all parts of the body into basic ovals, circles, boxes, curves and lines
1 First, you'll need to make up your character. Give it some personality, unique hobbies and a splodge of humor. (Backing characters in cartoons aren't always funny, but the main
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