What are a snake's enemies?


A snake's enemies include birds, raccoons, coyotes, mongooses, turtles, crocodiles and many other animals. Some snakes are even eaten by other snakes.

Snakes have several adaptations to help them hide from or scare off predators. Some snakes scare their predators by huffing or hissing loudly. Rattlesnakes shake their tails to scare their enemies.

Some snakes have colors or patterns that act as a form of camouflage, while other snakes are able to burrow under leaves or sand to hide from predators.

Humans are one of the greatest threats to adult snakes. Some humans hunt snakes to use them for belts, handbags and shoes. Others capture snakes and sell them as pets. Humans also destroy the habitats of some snakes.

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Humans are probably the most dangerous enemy to snakes. We destroy their habitats as we develop and build in natural areas. We also accidentally run them over with vehicles. Many
spitting cobra.
The enemies of the viper snake are the birds when the snake is small because
Birds. Fish. Cats. Dogs. Lizards. Insects. Other Snakes. Man. Habitat destruction. The list could go on for awhile. Snakes have many enemies from many different sources the biggest
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Birds of prey, weasels and foxes are some of the animals that eat snakes.
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