What are the poisonous snakes of Iowa?


The most poisonous snakes of lowa are timber rattlesnakes; they are large and heavy in size. Snakes in Iowa include, bull snake, plainbelly water snake, Prairie Rattlesnake, prairie Kingsnake, Western Worm, western Hognose, Smooth Green, Ring neck and many more.
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There are twenty-seven species of snakes in Iowa. The Plains Garter Snake, Western Worm Snake, Western Hognose Snake, Timber Rattlesnake, Common Kingsnake, Smooth Green Snake, Ringneck
Iowa has many snake species, but only two poisonous snakes, the massasauga and
Rat Snake - Elaphe obsoleta Status PROTECTED. It is illegal to kill or collect this species by law in Iowa. Description Black rat snakes are among the largest of Iowa's snakes. Adults
Those 2 are decent choices if you decide you want to go venomous. With a pygmy, just work it with a snake grabstick and you won't be bitten. With the copperhead, same thing but if
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