How do you troubleshoot a Snapper snow blower?


You can repair or troubleshoot a snapper snow blower with the following procedure; Ensure that the key is set to the 'on' position. Confirm that the choke is closed. Run engine to for a few minutes. The chute may be frozen. Empty the fuel tank let it dry. The fuel could have been contaminated. Clean the discharge chute. Ensure that the auger drive belt is not damaged. Slide up the cable cover to expose the cable adjustment loops. Increase the belt tension. Slide the cable boot back into place. Reinsert the key and start the engine.
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1. Ensure that the key is set to the "on" position if the engine does not start. Press the primer twice before starting. Ensure that the choke is closed. If this still does
You can change the bells on your snapper 17244 snowblower by loosening the tensioner bolt. Once the tensioner bolt is loose the old belt can be removed and the new belt put in its
Part of the serial number has a code that tells you. Go to the help section of their website and they can tell you. 0 0 Comment
Depending upon the age the safe ratio is 32:1,(8 ounces of oil added to 2 gallons of gasoline). I would suggest going to the engine manufacturer's website and look up your engine
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