Sniffing Sharpie Markers?


Sniffing sharpie markers can make someone high, which is why many young people do it. However, it can be very dangerous and can cause you to become unconscious. It can become addicting and lead to other drug use.
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Since the majority of Sharpies are permanent markers, this is no easy task. If the fabric is not bleachable, you are in real trouble. You can try blotting it soon after the staining
The history of the Sharpie reaches back to 1857, when the ink and glue manufacturing company Sanford Manufacturing Company was founded. The company name changed slightly over the
you look like the kind of person that i would love to slap for no reason at all..
it releases endorphins an gets you high.
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The effects of sniffing sharpies include neurological damage. Death can sometimes occur from inhalant abuse. Other effects include slurred speech, nausea and possibly ...
Sniffing sharpies is a type of inhalant abuse. The effects of sniffing sharpies are spots around the mouth. Some people may also experience red eyes and nausea. ...
Sniffing sharpies is very dangerous. It can cause neurological damage and even death. Continuous sniffing can also lead to addiction. Some of the effects of sniffing ...
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