What Happends If You Snort a Smartie?


Children and teenagers have been snorting smarties these last decade in order to replicate a high. Although they attempt to get high, they actually aren't and are only damaging their lungs. Snorting smarties can lead to infections, coughing, scarring, bleeding and possibly death.
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as if you'd be stupid enough to snort smarties anyway. what does it do for you besides possibly cutting off your airways and. possibly choking to death?
Nothing, it's just sugar.
Well since this is the Mythology and Folklore section,you must be talking about the dreaded Smarties of "Myth and legend" and it was always said of them if they were snorted
Not Medical Advice: Nothing good will happen if you crush and snort Smarties Candy. If you're lucky it may only make your nose burn or itch, but if you're not so lucky, ear nose &
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Smarties Snorting Dangers
Smarties are not just candies for kids anymore. Kids are using Smarties to snort and smoke as a pretense -- and possibly a precursor -- of getting high. Some are even posting the methods on how to snort Smarties on the Internet. Though Smarties are not a... More »
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