Snow Globe Repair?


There are several companies that repair snow globes. Snow globes can be dropped or accidentally knocked off furniture. One such company that fixes broken snow globes is called Snow Globe Central. They are located at 3302 Blake Street in Denver, CO, and can be contacted at 303-294-9469. Another company is called Ferrara Studios and can be contacted through their website. Both companies can replace the globe, change out the cloudy water, replace missing figures, and remove bubbles.
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1. Drive three or four nails into the scrap wood just wide enough to hold the glass globe in place upside down. 2. Remove all vestiges of the broken snow globe glass from the snow
It depends what is broken, but if you mean the glass globe is broken, here are some options: You can check with the larger hobby stores in your area to see if they carry replacement
how about glycerin or distilled water? Source(s): (fFAQs)
1. Find a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid. Any size will do, as long as you have figurines that will fit inside them. Pimiento jars, olive jars, artichoke heart jars and baby food
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