How do you make snow guards for metal roofs?


Snow guards are brackets that prevent snow and/or ice from falling off a roof. It's placed on roofs to protect people and keep the falling snow from damaging property. To make snow guards for metal roofs, use L-shaped brackets and drill them along the edge of the roof about 1 ft apart. Do a second row about 1' further back and offset them 6' to space between the first set.
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Things You'll Need. Pencil. Work gloves. Isopropyl alcohol wipes. Latex gloves. Clear roofing adhesive. Instructions. Place a mark with a pencil 6 inches up from the lower edge of
1 Clean the roof surface with Xylene (Xylol) or isopropyl alcohol where the guards are to be attached. Do not allow the cleaner to come in contact with the guard. Note: SnoJax I should
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snow guard
any device for preventing snow from sliding off a sloping roof.
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