Snow Leopard Food Chain?


Snow leopards tend to be on the top of the food chain and eat things that are smaller than them and are easier to catch. Snow leopards are known to eat anything they can find and kill.
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The diet of the snow leopard varies across its range and with the time of year, and is dependent on prey availability. In the Himalayas it preys mostly on bharals (Himalayan blue
moss, grass, browse>siberian musk deer>snow leopard. grass, trees>himalayan tahr>snow leopard. grass, herbs>bharal>snow leopard. grass, leaf >markhor>snow
Where the Leopard Gecko fits into the food chain in the wild, is pretty much the same as the ones in captivity. I used to raise them, and still have one as a pet. In captivity they
Which series shows a correct path of energy flow in a marine food chain: A. krill-cod-algae B. cod-leopard seal-krill C.
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Snow leopards main foods are species such as markhor, blue sheep, ibex and argali. They feed on these kinds as the foremost basis of food and have been known to ...
The leopard feeds mainly on antelopes, boars and deers, and sometimes on birds and rodents. He hunts on his own, at night, and at all times in a surprise attack. ...
The Hyena food chain includes zebras, elephants and other types of carcasses. They usually don't do the hunting themselves. They feed off the prey caught by leopards ...
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