Where can I get a snow globe repaired?


A snowglobe can be repaired with the right tools. You can send your snowglobe off to be repaired, which can cost $30 for a small snowglobe, plus around $20 for the shipping cost. These repair shops can replace the glass, confetti, and inner pieces.
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All water globes do this. Don't know why. You might be able to take the base off and refill the globe but you risk breaking the whole thing.
I don't think you will find therm. You probably can fix them yourself, they are somehow sealed at the base and filled with water (often distilled water). z
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How to Repair Snowglobes
Snow globes are treasured mementos but they can sustain damage either by accident or by a breakdown of the materials over time. Water becomes cloudy, figurines become loose, or the globe gets cracks, allowing the water to escape. Luckily, most snow globe... More »
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