How to Make a Snowman's Hat?


To make a snowman's hat, a pattern will be needed. There is many different patterns for different sizes. The main material that will be needed for this project is felt.
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1. Mark the circumference of a circle on the black felt. The circle should measure 20 inches across in all directions. Use the fabric pen to denote the edges of the circle and ensure
black. all hats are black.
Learn how make a hat for a snowman using materials that you recycle from around the house. While woolen hats can be used in snowman apparel, I prefer the classic black top hat. If
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To make a felt snowman hat, first measure the head's circumference. Make a pattern before cutting out the felt. Glue together the body of the hat with the brim. ...
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The materials that you will need to make a snowman's hat are felt, glue, coffee canister, mixing bowl and wooden dowel. First you want to place the canister on ...
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