How to Soak Feet in Warm Water?


Soaking your feet in bleach water is not a great idea. The best way to soak your feet in warm water is to use a large enough bucket to cover to up to your ankles and so you can easily move your feet around freely. Put in warm water, some liquid body soap, and a quarter cup of Epsom salts. 
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1. Fill a tub with 2 gallons of warm water. 2. Add 1 cup vinegar to the water. You can use apple cider vinegar or distilled white vinegar; use whichever one smells better to you.
Soaking your feet in diluted bleach can get rid of
Heat causes vasodilation, which means the blood vessels in your feet get larger in diameter, thus causing swelling. On the other hand, cold causes vasoconstricion, narrowing of the
I've heard that some some people use bleach to get rid of athlete's foot or other bacteria/virus problems. Wash shoes with bleach, but don't soak your feet in it! Use hydrogen peroxide
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When you want to soak tired feet you need a basin, soap, warm water a towel, a comfortable chair and some salt. Mix the salt in the basin of warm water, place ...
1. Pour 4 qts. warm water (not hot) into the dish pan. Add 2 qts. vinegar to the water. Swish with your hands to mix the two liquids. 2. Place the foot with nail ...
Mixing baking soda with vinegar and warm water can both soften and deodorize your feet. Mix them together with some fresh herb leaves or flowers and soak feet ...
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