Soccer Is Called Football in What Countries?


The British invented Football, full name Association football. The term football is the formal name while soccer is its nickname that was created by the English in order to distinguish it from rugby football. Soccer became a shortened reference to the word association football.
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Your question is flawed. There are a number of sports around the world which are referred to as football. The official name of the sport called soccer in some places is Association
USA - Soccer. South Africa - Soccer / Ibhola / Bolo / Sokker. Australia - Soccer. Canada - Soccer. (these are the only countries that call it soccer) Portugal - Futebol. Italy - Calcio
Two soccer podcasts I simply can't live without: Men In Blazers. Hysterically funny and insightful. Total Soccer Show. m/. Some
Soccer in Spain, Mexico and other Spanish countries is called. futbol.
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