Social Networking Websites?


There are all sorts of social networking sites. It you are interested in dating, chatting while playing games, posting about your life, or have a special interest, you can find a website. If you are Asian American, you may be interested in AsianAvenue, which is a social networking site. If you're into swimming and running, you may find Athlinks interesting. Music and pop-culture enthusiasts will find Buzznet the perfect place to be with over 10,000,000 users.
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1. Determine who your social networking website represents and what it's all about. Is your social website for fun, dating or business use? Decide if your networking website will
A social network are sites where you connect with other people and exploit your business. Myspace, facebook, and twitter are all examples of social networking sites.
1) User Profiles. 2) Friends Lists. 3) Pictures Gallery for each user profile. 4) Videos for each User Profile. 5) User Groups. 6) Forums. 7) Advertisement Adds. 8) A front page with
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The easiest way to design a social networking website is to have someone else do it for you. I hear Pearse Street is pretty good. If you intend to create the website ...
Sermo, which Alex mentioned, is the first one that comes to mind. Perhaps the most useful tools for physicians will be the condition-specific networks like ...
Social networking services are easy to create with open-source technology like OpenID. Finding users is the challenge. ...
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