Socially Irresponsible Companies?


Socially irresponsible companies are those that seem to not care about social issues or people. Some of the big name companies fall into this category. Walmart is one of the biggest and most prominent, especially in dealing with its employees. Others include Pfizer, BP, ExxonMobil and Dow Chemical.
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The Top Ten Worst Companies based on social and environmental records are: 1. EXXON-MOBILE 2. PHILLIP MORRIS 3. WAL-MART 4. CHEVRON-TEXACO 5. PFIZER 6. NESTLE 7. TYSON FOODS 8. GENERAL
A company's first social responsibility is to its employees. The company must not participate in discriminatory practices in hiring or governance. The company should treat every employee
You probably heard of a "little scandal" in England about Murdoch's "World News Organization"? Embed Quote
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A company social committee is responsible for enhancing the social environment for the staff at the workplace. This is done through arranging various social activities ...
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