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A sociology survey topic can be on social networking websites since they are so popular. You can ask people how much time they are spending on sites like Facebook and why they use the site. You can ask how long they have been using it and if they belong to other social networking sites. Ask them what they do while on the website such as talking to friends and relatives, playing games, or sharing pictures. So it will be easy for the person to take the survey, give them multiple choice answers to choose from.
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Since race is a big thing right can talk about the relationship between crime and race. You are more likely to be killed by someone in your own race than some one outside
1. Figure out whether you have a theory you want to attempt to prove or you want to study a group or subject and create a theory from what you find. 2. Think of a group you could
alot. power. culture. conflict. social structure. action structure.
Ideally this topic is applied to questions which do not seek any consensus, but instead, solicit personal opinions or preferences. It is true that many answers are basically a personal
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A good sociology topic for a survey would be about bullying. Although it is being addressed already, there are still students in all levels who are being bullied ...
A good sociology survey asks the right questions. Questions should be easy to understand, on target to the subject at hand and keep questions where one answer ...
Sociology is the study of a society so a typical survey question ...
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