What Does It Mean If You Are 37 Weeks Pregnant and Your Midwife Syas Your Cervix Is Soft?


If you are 37 weeks pregnant and your midwife says your cervix is soft it may mean your body is preparing for labor. When your cervix is soft and contractions start, labor should begin. The cervix will also thin as it softens.
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When your midwife tells you that it means that your cervix is beginning to ripen and possibly efface and dilate. Currently im 1 cm dilated 60% effaced and have been in labor but not
Your only 37 weeks, there is a chance you could still have a few weeks in you. I had all of those things, my cervix was very soft and short and i was 2cm dilated for 3 weeks. I still
You are definitely starting to grow by 8 weeks
As far as I know, gynecologists usually suture the cervical opening if it opens up way too much. These things just happen in pregnancy. If they told you just to rest, I guess that
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