Soft Drink Expiration Date?


Soft drinks do have an expiration date. On each can or bottle, the expiration date is listed. Most soft drinks can still be consumed up to 90 days after their expiration date is passed. The expiration date, or best by date, are estimated dates in which the item will still have the integrity as if they were first bottled. Diet sodas are good for exactly 90 days after they have passed their expiration dates. Regular sodas are good for up to 9 months after their best by dates.
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Not that long and diet never. It goes bad when the date say's so. Although, if I were thursty I would probly give a can coke a try.
1. Look for a code stamped on the soft drink bottle or can. It will be not be part of the printed label design. It will probably be small and a little bit hard to find. 2. The month
Have you looked at the bottom of the can? EDIT: I'm serious! I did some research and found out that 7-up, Dr. Pepper, and other soft drinks have been unclear. Now that I think about
The expiration date is on the bottom of the bottle.
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