How to Bait a Soft Plastic Lure.?


1. Rig plastic lures shaped like worms with a double snelled hook. Insert the first hook through the head, threading the bait along the shank of the hook until it pops through the underside. 2. Thread the second hook through the midsection of the
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I fish manly, too. big lures and heavy line. Anyway. for plastics, a medium rod with a fast action tip should suffice. 6 to 7 1/2 feet long. One of these rods in the 6 to 12 or 8
You can use just about anything with a Carolina rig. Traditionally, its been 6" lizards. But Senkos, tubes, craws, fluke type baits, and any type of worm will work. I use the
A aluminum pot with a pouring spout to
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There are many fishermen that use soft plastic lures. You use the bait just as you would live bait. You can buy the soft plastic lures from many retail stores. ...
1. Place the soft plastic molds on a heat resistant work surface. Position the molds, when using more than one, so that they are conveniently located to minimize ...
You need your molds and liquid plastics, colors and somewhere to heat a pan. With those items you are ready to create your arsenal of lures. For more information ...
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