Soften Bed Sheets?


You can soften new bed sheets by washing them. When the washer fills up with water, stop it. Let the sheets soak in the water for 1 to 2 hours. Finish washing as usual.
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1. Choose sheets with the highest thread count within your budget for the softest sheets. Compare brands to find the best buy for your money. If you shop carefully, you may find quality
Short sheet a bed by taking the pillows off, then remove the top sheet. Turn the sheet around, and tuck the sheet in at the head of the bed. Put the pillows and bed spread back on
1. Place the sheets in the washing machine. After removing your new sheets from their packaging, place them directly into the washing machine. If they are queen size or larger, you
It softens the sheets.
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How to Soften New Bed Sheets
The softness of sheets depends primarily on the fibers used and the thread count of the sheet. Egyptian cotton woven in counts of 300 or more provides a smooth, sleek surface that is gentle to the skin. Unfortunately, fine linens typically require a... More »
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