Soggy Cereal?


Soggy cereal is the bane of every breakfast. Unfortunately, science has not advanced enough to fully prevent this dining disaster. Your best bet is to eat your cereal soon after you've poured the milk.
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1. Pour milk into a bowl. Popular cereals usually suggest a serving size of between ½ and 1 cup of milk. 2. Fill the Styrofoam cup with the total amount of cereal you want
The cereal grains absorb the moisture from the milk. The milk is also high in acids which soften the grain and breaks them down. Shellac is used as the coating to slow the process
When cereal is purchased, the water has been removed from each cell of it, making it dry.
Differences in protein molecular weights can have much the same effect on cereal sogginess. The larger the protein molecule in the cereal, the longer the cereal can technically stay
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Cereal gets soggy from the milk in the cereal. This is caused by diffusion when the atoms within the milk and cereal combine as a collection. The milk is then ...
Cereal will get soggy in milk due to the fact that the cereal soaks up the milk. The cereal consists of slow moving atoms while the milk consists of fast moving ...
When you buy the cereal, the water present on each cell of it has been. taken out, giving the cereal that dry consistency. When the cereal is put. into milk or ...
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