Soil Profile Diagram?


Just like skin, soil has a profile and layers. Several diagrams both color and black and white are available. The topsoil layer is considered to be the top two layers under the grass layer. Under that is the subsoil. Breaking it down even further, the leaching area is also the topsoil area. Accumulation occurs in the subsoil layer. Under that is the weathering and bedrock layers. Agricultural soil is considered to be the topsoil and subsoil layers. Engineering soil takes place in the weathering, bedrock, and lower layers of soil.
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The thin, upper section of a soil profile is made up of topsoil. The thickness of the topsoil layer can be as thin as 2 inches or as thick as 6 feet, depending on the location. Most
A vertical section through a soil showing its succession of horizons and the underlying parent material
( ¦söil ¦prō′fīl ) (geology) A vertical section of a soil, showing horizons and parent material.
The process of soil formation begins with the breaking down of bedrock,which
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