Where Is the Solar Plexus?


The solar plexus is located just above the diaphragm and just below the sternum. If you press your fingers against the middle of your chest and work your way down towards your stomach, you will find a soft spot about halfway down just as the bone (sternum) ends. That is the solar plexus.
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What is the plural of Solar Plexus?
n. See celiac plexus (sense ).
The Solar Plexus Chakra, or Abdominal Brain, is located midway between the navel and the
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The solar plexus is a group of nerves in the abdominal region. Pain in the solar plexus can be caused by cancer, but it can also be due to stress and acid reflux ...
Solar Plexus is located above the stomach and just below the chest or the diaphragm. It is important since it helps in adrenal secretion and intestinal contraction ...
The solar plexus, or celiac plexus, is a large cluster of nerves that relay messages from the major organs of the abdomen to the brain. These organs, called visceral ...
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