Solubility of Benzoic Acid in Naoh?


NaOH is a base while benzoic acid, as the name suggets, is an acid. When they react, they produce sodium benzoate which is a salt. This salt is soluble in water.
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NaOH form the salt sodium benzoate with benzoic acid and due to ionic nature salt is more soluble in water.
The primary reason benzoic acid dissolves only slightly in cold water is that, even though the carboxylic acid group is polar, the bulk of the benzoic acid molecule is non-polar (
it forms sodium benzoate which is water soluble. Acid plus base forms salt.
Benzoic Acid Solubility in water = Soluble is (hot water) 3.4 g/l (25 °C)
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Benzoic acid's solubility in water is low. It's solubility depends on the substance you are dissolving it into. For its solubility in water Benzoic acid is solvent ...
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