Solute Vs Solvent?


Solute vs. solvent means the two parts that form a solution. A material is the solute if it is present in a relatively small quantity in a solution. In the case it is present in a greater quantity it is a solvent. An example of it would be a solution of salt and water, in which water is the solvent.
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Solutes and solvents are the two parts of a solution. In short, the solvent is the material in greater quantity, and the solute is in lesser. The idea is that neither compound will
A solute can be dissolved into another substance.A solvent can
1. Place the desired quantity of solvent in a beaker. The beaker should be able to tolerate heating; glass or metal beakers are most appropriate. 2. Add solute to the solvent and
A solution is made of a two substances, one is a substance that becomes dissolved (called the solute) and the other a substance that does the dissolving (called the solvent), so a
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Solvent is a liquid or substance that is used to dissolve another. For example if you had a solution of sugar and water, the solvent would be water and sugar would ...
A solvent is any substance capable of dissolving another substance to form a solution. It can be a solid, liquid or gas that can dissolve another gas, solid or ...
A solute is the substance that is to be dissolved to make a solution. A solvent is the one that is responsible for dissolving the solute to make the solution. ...
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