Solutions to Barriers of Communication?


Barriers to communication include such things as prejudice, lack of a common language or failure to listen. For prejudice, try to understand the other person's position; for lack of a common language, seek an interpreter or learn the language; for the final one, seek to become an active listener.
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There is only one solution: to bring down the barriers. English must b used all over the world as it is easy to understand n helpful in breaking down the barrier of communication
1. Avoid muddled messages. Be clear about the message you want someone to receive. For example, if you want your son to be home by 7 p.m., you would not say, "Please come home
Try joining the Unified Communications networking group on LinkedIn and posting a question within the discussion forum - the group has over 20,000 members, a number of whom are based
The first barrier to communication is the physical barrier. This means you are physically separated with the people from your organization, which makes it difficult for you to relate
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