What Are the Solutions of Corruption?


Depending on the specific type of corruption, there may be multiple solutions. If you can, find the source of the corruption and stop or disconnect it. If there is a substance or solution for clearing the corruption, you can do that too.
Q&A Related to "What Are the Solutions of Corruption"
change everything, including the system of government. put fangs to the laws. and make corruption and likes a capital offense (punishable by DEATH) i think that would be the perfect
Educate yourself, educate others and be an inspiration by setting an example of successful and good acts. Importantly, improve relationships between others and children. There isn't
The solution, in my opinion, lies in public financing of elections. Also, voters have to focus more on who they're electing. I mean, if someone divorces his wife while she had cancer
I truly Believe that these 5 Simple Steps will stop lobbying, fix Campaign Bribes and end the Corruption: 1) Require States to Pay the Salary, Retirement, Travel and Living Expenses
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