Solutions to Deforestation?


There are many theories for solutions to deforestation. Not only does it cause wildlife to lose habitats but it is also a major culprit in global warming. Deforestation is used to create paper products. The solution is to recycle more paper products and make more things electronic, such as billing procedures. Trying to make the world become digital is difficult as many families are not able to afford modern technologies. Making computers and other electronics more affordable would be a solution to deforestation as less paper products would be needed.
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The solution: To make the area sustainable- meaning, when you cut down a tree, replace it with more. Therefore, when you come round to the replanted trees, they are fully grown, and
Recycle. Drink tap water instead of bottled water. Take
DEFORESTATION 2 LEAVE GAIA GASPING. trees are coming down all the time , in My town trucks loaded with huge logs of exotic timber leave the mountains with permits bought from corupt
Hi Victor. The best solution to protect our rainforests from deforestation is to leave them alone! This means declaring them national parks and patrolling the areas in and around
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You can stop people from cutting down the rainforest by educating them on the dangers of deforestation and how to prevent it. Some of the solutions of deforestation ...
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