What are solutions to deforestation?


Deforestation is a complex issue, but it can be controlled by changing corporate policies, implementing laws and policies to protect critical land areas, replanting trees and vegetation and purchasing products not derived from forests. Deforestation is caused by conversion of land for development and economic purposes. Consumer demand and corporate pressures are primary contributing factors to the continuation of deforestation and, as such, restricting corporate growth in sensitive areas and changing consumer behaviors are viable solutions.

Forests are cleared around the world for many purposes. Trees of many species found in forests worldwide are selected for timber, which is used to make common household items, such as serving ware and furniture. Forests are also decimated to produce paper products and to make way for agricultural operations, which require large tracts of land to grow crops, such as soybeans and other products. Implementing policies and laws to regulate corporate destruction of forests worldwide, such as imposing penalties and setting limits on quantity, may result in positive change and help to slow the rate of deforestation. Consumers, as purchasers of products, can boycott goods made from forest and encourage friends, family and coworkers to do the same. As demand for products drops, companies will in turn stop sourcing supplies from vulnerable forest areas.

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