Something Grows Exponentially?


A population can grow exponentially when the birth rate is the sole factor dictating growth. This essentially means that the rate whether fast or slow will determine exponential growth.
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In a given period of time it will double in size/number. Like in the film gremlins. If they increase every minute and you start with 1 gremlin, then after a minute you would have
Logically speaking, it has to be C, because exponential growth does not necessarily affect the total amount of available food, just the amount available to each member of a population
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Currently, the world's population is growing exponentially because
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Exponential is a function where e is the number and equals its own derivative. It arises whenever a quantity grows or decays at a rate proportional to is current ...
Exponential growth occurs in microorganisms such as virus bacteria, economic growth, heat transfer and multilevel marketing. In a population, the rate of growth ...
Populations grow exponentially when there is an abundance of food and water. Another factor is a very small or non existent population of predators. ...
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