How to Appreciate Being a Parent?


There are many songs about being a parent that can serve as an inspiration for both parents and children. An example of such a song would be 'You'll Be in My Heart' by Phil Collins'. Another good parent song would be 'Butterfly Kisses', 'Joni Mitchell's 'Little Green' and 'Gracie' by Ben Folds.
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As a parent you should Pick your battles, don't spend all your time getting upset about the things that your children do. Try to spend more of your time making happy memories with
1 Don't waste time being angry. After relationship breakdown or sudden bereavement it is very easy to be angry to 'be left holding the baby' so to speak. This is unproductive and
One of a parent's most enjoyable pleasures is to live long enough to become an embarrassment to their child, just as their parents embarrassed them when they were children.
I have no idea why.... But I know I receive some sort of positive
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