Songs for Quinceanera Waltz?


A quinceanera is a Hispanic celebration for when a girl turns 15. It is akin to the Sweet 16 celebration in American culture and is quite a fancy affair. A waltz is a traditional part of the quinceanera day and the waltz is accompanied by a special song chosen ahead of time by the young lady and her family. Some popular songs that work well for a quinceanera waltz include Dance With My Father by Celine Dion, Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlise, My Little Girl by Tim McGraw, and I Turn to You by Christina Aquilera.
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Quinceanera waltz: De Nina a Mujer, La Ultima Muneca, Quinceanera,
My favorites: Cross step: Ben Folds Five - "Lullabye"
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A quinceanera is a symbolic "Party" to introduce young females into society... In the old days these "parties" were given so that the county ...
When it comes to waltz songs, there are many types out there. One of the most common songs, though, attributed to this style of music and dance is traditional ...
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