Songs with Hyperbole?


A hyperbole is a statement that is an exaggeration and is lot meant to be taken literal, but to get a point across, hyperboles are often used in literature, poetry, and also in songs. Some popular songs that contain Hyperbole are A year without rain, by Selena Gomez; where Selena Gomez compares a 'a day without her love with a year without rain.' Another is Grenade, by Bruno Mars, In the song Bruno Mars says the he would 'catch a grenade for ya' and 'take a bullet straight through the brain for ya.'
Q&A Related to "Songs with Hyperbole?"
Super Bass by Niki Minaj.
Means to exaggerate. Like, The Commodores - Brick House. She's not actually a brick house.
An example of personification in the book when Blaze
Example of a song with hyperbole is "Sleep" by Get Set Go. A song with personification is Lady Gaga's "Poker Face. report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February
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