What are examples of songs with metaphors in them?


A metaphor is a language device that compares two things that most would think are unrelated. Metaphors can also be symbolic for life situations, like many mythical stories. Some popular music songs that have had metaphors in them through the years include Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkel, Candle in the Wind by Elton John, Bad Medicine by Bon Jovi, Billie Jean by King of Pop Michael Jackson, and I'm on Fire by Bruce Springsteen.
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Any song written by TOOL.
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"I'm like a bird" by Nelly Furtado. She compares her flighty, eccentric
Its a pretty groovy song ;-) The term metaphor meant in Greek "carry something across" or "transfer," which suggests many of the more elaborate definitions below
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"Tomorrow Is A Long Time" by Bob Dylan, "Without You I'm Nothing" by Placebo, "Careless Love Blues" by Bessie Smith and "Firework" by Katy Perry are examples of songs that use metaphors and similies.
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