How to Wire a Car Stereo?


To wire a Sony car stereo, take a look at the wiring diagrams. This will help you easily locate the wires needed to perform the car stereo wiring. Open the dash kit and disconnect the negative battery terminal. Check that the wiring harness fits the plug. Install the car stereo.
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Car stereos can be tricky. You'll first need a harness. This can be obtained from Wal-Mart or best buy for your make and model (some harnesses may have to be special ordered. The
1. Lift the Corolla's hood and loosen the bolt securing the negative battery cable clamp to the negative battery post, using your wrench. Lift the cable from the battery terminal
if you mean schematics, than nowhere. that's because the wiring is sensitive industrial information. the way sony wires its stereos is unique to sony, and they don't want anybody
Answer Check this site, theyll have diagrams on stereo, alarms and cruisecontrol. And ofcourse a lot of other godd to now stuff.
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The stereo wire diagram helps to determine which wires control various parts of the car. There are diagrams for a wide range of cars. ...
There are free car stereo wiring diagrams available from numerous websites. Finding correct installation diagrams is not always easy. ModifiedLife is one website ...
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