How to Wire a Car Stereo?


To wire a Sony car stereo, take a look at the wiring diagrams. This will help you easily locate the wires needed to perform the car stereo wiring. Open the dash kit and disconnect the negative battery terminal. Check that the wiring harness fits the plug. Install the car stereo.
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1. Lift the Corolla's hood and loosen the bolt securing the negative battery cable clamp to the negative battery post, using your wrench. Lift the cable from the battery terminal
Check this site, theyll have diagrams on stereo, alarms and cruisecontrol. And ofcourse a lot of other godd to now stuff.
1 Try to find a simple adapter harness for your new head unit. This will convert the plug the existing vehicle stereo uses into a plug that goes straight to your new stereo. Inquire
I could not locate a Panasonic stereo with the model
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