Sony DVD Player Troubleshooting?


There are various models of Sony DVD players. To address a problem, check the troubleshooting section of the owner's manual. Sony also offers online support at Esupport Sony.
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1. Try playing different DVDs to see if the disc, not the Sony DVD player, is the source of your problem. 2. Clean the disc by placing a few drops of rubbing alcohol on a piece of
1. Press "Stop" to bring the player in the stop mode. This will facilitate viewing of the Control Menu on the screen. 2. Choose "Setup" option from the Control
Press the "Display" button at the top of the remote. Display modes 1 and 2 represent the player and disc. Display mode 3 displays the bit rate of the playback picture. Push
Adjust the Sound Press the "Display" button during playback. This will open up the control menu on the screen. Use the "↑/↓" keys to select the Audio
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How to Troubleshoot a Sony DVD Player
Sony DVD players are among the most popular models on the market. Like any electronic component, a Sony DVD player may eventually develop problems or display the dreaded Disc Error message. Before you run to the nearest repair shop, try these... More »
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