How to Replace the Thermal Fuse in a Sony Wega KDF-E60A20?


The thermal fuse is located on the TV power supply board. You can get it by opening the back of the TV and following the power cord to whence it is connected. This is the power supply board. The thermal fuse is visible, mounted on clips and you can just pop it out and replace it.
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Things You'll Need. Phillips screwdriver. Instructions. Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet. Remove the 13 screws along the bottom rear panel with the Phillips screwdriver.
Its in the front actually. on either side of the tv right behind the side there are 2 screws you may be able to undo with your hand (if not a screwdriver or a dime will work), then
Out of nowhere, my TV just turned off while i was watching a movie. When i tried to turn it back it, the power light keeps blinking red 6 times in a row then stops for a second, then
this is a lamp driver ballast problem.
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