Soo Bahk Do?


According to, Soo Bahk Do is a martial arts system founded by Kee Hwang in Seoul Koera in 1945. Original known as Moo Duk Kwan the fighting style was taught to American military personnel.
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Soo Bahk Do
Soo Bahk Do is an ancient, traditional Korean martial art comprising hand and foot techniques. The art is renowned for its disciplined approach and emphasis on the tradition and technical aspects of martial art... More »
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It is associated with Mu Duk Kwan. you cane read more about it at: I can't believe I just posted a link to Wikipedia..... I almost never post
The late Grandmaster Hwang Kee has been historically & legally recognized as the
The answer of who is the founder is below,if you would like the best martial arts course below Hwang Kee died on July 14, 2002 peacefully
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