What does a sore lump under the armpit mean?


Any lump under the armpit should be seen by a doctor to make sure it is not caused by a serious condition that would need immediate treatment. Some causes of a sore lump under the armpit include shingles, the chicken pox, vaccinations, and even normal breast tissue that makes its way into the armpit. A swollen lymph node and benign cyst may also be a cause. However, sometimes an armpit lump is a sign of cancer, including breast cancer and lymphoma.
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This could be a cyst or a boil forming-go to Doctor and check it out. It possibly means that you sould consider seeing a doctor. It could be breast cancer, or it could be a very swolen
Best scenario is that you have clogged pores. Quit using deodorant for a few days [good luck with that] & wash often;you could be allergic to whatever you've been using. And don't
You may have a rash. This happen when it gets hot or if the skin rubs together.
Not medical advice: Armpit lumps may be caused by bacterial infections or swollen lymph node. See MD!
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