Sore Lump under Armpit?


Any lump under the armpit should be seen by a doctor to make sure it is not caused by a serious condition that would need immediate treatment. Some causes of a sore lump under the armpit include shingles, the chicken pox, vaccinations, and even normal breast tissue that makes its way into the armpit. A swollen lymph node and benign cyst may also be a cause. However, sometimes an armpit lump is a sign of cancer, including breast cancer and lymphoma.
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You probably have an inflamed lymph node. It's not too seriouse but get it checked out just in case it's not!
Best scenario is that you have clogged pores. Quit using deodorant for a few days [good luck with that] & wash often;you could be allergic to whatever you've been using. And don't
You may have a rash. This happen when it gets hot or if the skin rubs together.
Not medical advice: Armpit lumps may be caused by bacterial infections or swollen lymph node. See MD! report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01 2012 at 06:46PM EST. Source
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The most type of painful lump underneath the armpit is an infected or irritated hair follicle commonly caused by shaving. Another common type of bump in this area ...
From what I know, a lump in a make in his armpit could be caused from several things. Things including a swollen lymph node, a cyst, or just a fatty growth. ...
Two of the minor causes of painful lumps under the armpits are use of antiperspirants or due to shaving. However, it may also occur because of abscess or from ...
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