Sore Neck from Sleeping Wrong?


A sore neck from a bad sleeping posture can be treated through simple exercises. Most people opt for neck massages but if you're alone that might be difficult. You can also take a hot shower to loosen up.
Q&A Related to "Sore Neck from Sleeping Wrong"
How can I get rid of a sore neck caused by sleeping
Well first you must look at how or what caused your neck to be sore. try heat and if this does not work see a doctor. _ I agree with the above answer, and I would suggest that if
1. Burning hot shower, and I mean melting hot. lol. 2. Once I'm in bed, I find a position that makes me feel good, no matter how bizarre it is, one leg here, the other over
Not Medical Advice: Relieve neck pain with heat and cold. When your neck is sore, try a hot pack to soothe the pain or a cold pack whichever feels better.
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