What causes sores on the roof of the mouth?


The roof of the mouth is divided into two major parts. The hard palate is a bony area in the anterior region of the mouth. Behind it, towards the back of the mouth, is the fleshy soft palate, which lacks a bony plate. Pain in this area may be due to a number of issues.

  • General soreness may be due to allergic reactions, irritating food, inflammation or infection.
  • Pain accompanied by white patches on the tongue is probably thrush, a relatively common yeast infection.
  • A burning sensation on the palate along with the tongue and cheeks may be burning mouth syndrome, a chronic condition that does not have a clear cause.
  • Discomfort accompanied by open sores may be canker sores or herpes.
  • Any sores or lumps that do not heal after two weeks, become worse or change color may be oral cancer.

Effective treatment depends on the cause of palatal pain. Non-viral infections can be treated with antibiotics or, in the case of thrush, antifungal medication. The cause of burning mouth syndrome is unknown, so the best course of action is determined on a case by case basis. Canker sores, herpes and mild inflammation due to irritation usually resolve themselves on their own, but antiseptic mouth rinses can help with symptoms. On the other hand, oral cancer is a serious condition and requires prompt medical attention.

Whatever the issue may be, it is best assessed by a doctor who can give a diagnosis and a plan of action for treatment.
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