Sores on Dogs Back?


It is not uncommon for dogs to develop sores on their backs. Flea bites, as well as mites and bacterial infections can cause sores on dogs and an antibiotic may be prescribed by your veterinarian to relieve the symptoms. When dogs scratch themselves excessively, sores may also appear and this constant itching may also be a result of a bacterial infection, or it could be a result of allergies and the dog may need a special diet. Finally, a close grooming where the coat is shaved may result in sores on a dog's back.
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There can be a lot of reasons why a dog limps. The point is that your dog is injured in some way. It is important for you to take your dog to a vet right away. Most things are easily
1. Warm it up first. Stretching cold (and injured) muscles can be difficult and is not always the best idea. So before you just go out and stretch your back, warm it up first. Of
OUCH! well i sugggest some special type of antibiotic. Or just take it to the vet. Good Luck! Give it a kiss for me!
1 Have proper posture when sitting. Keep your back straight or leaned back against the chair, and never slouch or lean to the side. Ad
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